Essential Spa & Body Treatments

Allowing yourself the opportunity to relax is key to keeping those stress and anxiety levels under control. To most of us, the epitome of relaxation includes a day at the spa which is not a bad idea at all. Dead Sea Mud is my best Pick!

Greece, Stunning Silky Turquoise Surf Beaches

Satisfy your appetite for luxury and adventure, take a deep breath and get your fill of the azure blue and turquoise waters, relax and explore to your heart content, it’s your vacation!

Hawaii is Rich in Culture & Tourism

Originally Posted on Wix site-Jun 8 |8 min read “I’ve always wished to visit Hawaii someday, and that’s how I decided to do post the blog although it was originally written by me in my wixsite before I decided to start another one on WordPress.”  But as the days turn into weeks and weeks into months…

The Secrets Journals Travelers Don’t Want you to Know

Originally published: Jun 8 |5 min read I thought I should amuse you with the secrets we are both guilty of. How many of us have ever truly told our most embarrassing secrets, especially one we experienced during our trips/adventures. I added some few tips and jokes just to make our day smooth and a tad…

Responsible Tourism Could Save our Planet

 Responsible tourism plays a major role in shaping our world. Some of the crystal clear turquoise water we have around the world today are most alluring qualities and never fails to delight tourists.

You have the Right to Remain Silent, But for How long?

Are You Sure you are with the right partner? Are you ok with what your partner is making you go through? Do you have to struggle so much to make your partner happy? You have the right to either remain silent or speak up because everything he/she say or do to you will be entirely…

The Journey Begins

I will be sharing no filter stories, breathtaking locations, thoughts provoking and stunning features with the locals, a bit of hilarious toppings and freshly pressed posts. I look forward to it all! Cheers..