I Didn’t Have To Travel To Too Far To Understand The Beauty Of Inner Peace

The journey in life might take an unexpected turn don't fret you will soon find a way, fight to stay on your feet and remain focused.


Personal Belief About My Faith

Since I started blogging a few months ago, I have had to fight through what to write and also, I have discovered the joy and frustration of deciding what to write about.


Traveling Or Moving To Brooklyn On 35K Salary!

How To Survive In Brooklyn On  35K? Don't Let It Weigh You Down! TRAVELING OR MOVING TO BROOKLYN ON 35K SALARY? For a long time Brooklyn was a forgotten place, completely ignored by people outside of the New York City area. It has been rediscovered recently and is now vigorously reclaiming its place in the …


How Blogger Ward Is Created And Why Bloggers Give Awards.

"Blogger Awards Is A Creative Way the blogosphere Collectively Appreciates Bloggers Efforts.


Sunshine Blogger Award

Back September 19, 2018, I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by my sweet friend geraldinetalks.com


Blogger Recognition Award

November 12, 2018, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. I am delighted and happy and I’m thankful I could finally reply to this lovely kind gesture.


Traveling, Cost of Living And Rental in New York |Save More On Less

You must be prepared to do home cooking most of the time and if you fancy eating out you best head to some cheap restaurants which isn't healthy.


If You Fight These Type Of Mental Health Battle You Aint Crazy and Definitely Not Alone!!

Don't let your dream sink under the sea


Battling With Indecision While Working On A Monthly Goal?

Constantly Battling With Indecision? This post will help.


How To Avoid Pitfalls, Get The Best​ Out Of Travel Agents, Online Shopping​ Sites, ​And Feedbacks-Part​ 1

The purpose of this article is to provide useful insights as to how the online shopping and travel agents, operate.


Travel Destinations That Are Trending And Perfect For All Travel​ Season

Traveling means you go the extra mile in work, play, relaxing and doing everything that matters to you as you explore to your hearts contents. Above all, being away from home doesn’t mean giving up comfort and convenience.


Here’s Why I Love Traveling, Hotel Review, Dislikes, And What I Try To Avoid

Hotel Review is most likely the first place people check before finally booking for a room- Trip Advisor hotel review page is overwhelming with good and bad reviews. So if you are looking for the best place to make your research a quick check on review page is your best bet. However, have you ever thought about...


Overcome Your Fear Of Vacation Guilt, Explore Top Rated Hand Picked Vacations To Go In Thailand

Don't Lose Money, Explore Top Out Door Activities​ And Vacations To Go in Koh Samui, Na Mung and Ko Pha Ngan In Thailand


Best Easiest Beginner’s Guide For SEO, Bloggers, Pinterest, And Instagram For You Learn More

Are you not making any money on your blog, frustrated with your instgram unfollowers, and Pinterest doesn’t make sent? You know tons of bloggers are killing it on Instagram, Pinterest, but you just can’t seem to figure it out. In this detailed guide, You will learn exactly how to make money through blog step-by-step.


What Started As A Joke Took A Wild Turn And Now, No Going Back

Corinthians 10: 21- Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of the devils: ye can not be partakers of the Lord's table and the table of devils. (I am no better and I did all that, will you ever forgive me)?


Causes Of Travel Breakouts And Tips To A perfect Skincare Regime On The Go

The answer lies in the state of your mind and also in a simple skincare regime. Do you know that Stress can trigger acne resulting in a very vicious cycle of more stress leading to skin breaking out ? Learn more...


12 Ways How To Review And Improve Blog SEO For Newbies

How to increase blog traffic and Blog SEO optimized for free. Learn more blogging tricks-It's easy!!


Is Budget Cost And Trip Planner Any Good? 18 Ways You Can Be Certain

Budget Planning tips for Backpackers, Vacation Travelers, and Trip Planning ideas for first time travelers and the whole nine yards!!


My Teenage “Friend Zone” Experience by ‘Belle of the Library’

I couldn't say it any better than 'Author-Belle of the Library; did, she experienced it first hand! Join Us Let's Stop Stigma!!


It Is What It Is

No one knows what the future hold, whose choice, whose rules, your life, you decide, you either take it or leave it, either way is what it is!!- Learn How To Get your Life Back On Track!!!


Yey! I am Back Again, With Fresh Cassic and Vintage Tales…

How Would You Know The Difference If You Don’t Know Whats Different?.

Learn more about Your Self worth And self improvement ideas!


Bucket Lists-Trip Planner

Bucket Lists-Trip Planner Add Your Ideas!!- Take A peek and Learn more about achievable cool bucket list ideas


Life Is An Adventure, Guard Your Heart, Don’t Let Go, Make Every Day​ Count

Do Not Give Up, You Are Not Alone!!

I too have been in and out of hot seats and so does pretty much everyone face you see on the street! Learn more about mental health and depression.


Explore Mexico Ancient Ruins, Swim With Sharks, ​​Dive in Turquoise​ Silky Beaches and Cenotes, it is Your Dream Vacation​

Best places to visit in Mexico, see best restaurants in Mexico, top Mexican adventure and relaxation spots, or go for a vacation in Mexico and swim with harmless nurse sharks, explore the cenotes, ancient aztec ruins, visit the museum, after all, you deserve the vacation!! Learn More..


DIY Powerful Tips for Healthy Routine You Should Definitely Adopt!

So If You Are Foodie Lover And You Are Feeling a Little Adventurous And Bold Why Not Try This These Super Rich Foods. There’s More…


Essential Oil For Travelers, Health, Beauty, Spa & Wellness

#DIY Tips of How To Make Your Own Intriguing Sweet, Hydrating & Moisturizing Facial Mist Spray. Learn how to improve your health.


Essential Spa & Body Treatments

Allowing yourself the opportunity to relax is key to keeping those stress and anxiety levels under control. To most of us, the epitome of relaxation includes a day at the spa which is not a bad idea at all. Dead Sea Mud is my best Pick!


Greece, Stunning Silky Turquoise Surf Beaches

Satisfy your appetite for luxury and adventure, take a deep breath and get your fill of the azure blue and turquoise waters, relax and explore Greece to your heart content, it's your vacation. Visit Greece!!


Hawaii is Rich in Culture & Tourism

Hawaii has a collection of deep sea fishing, golfing, hiking, horseback riding, ocean kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, shopping, sightseeing, snorkeling, stargazing, tennis, and agricultural tourism and lots more..


The Secrets Journals Travelers Don’t Want you to Know

I thought I should amuse you with the secrets we are both guilty of. How many of us have ever truly told our most embarrassing secrets, especially one we experienced during our trips/adventures.

Tamasins Journey to Clear skin

Learn from my mistakes...



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The Real Sound of the DMV

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