It Is What It Is!

Life Motivational Ideas and Tips

Change is constant, time awaits no one, you are either in or out, it makes no difference either way the show must go on with or without you. No one knows what the future hold, whose choice, whose rules, your life, you decide, you either take it or leave it, eitherway is what it is!


Life Motivational Ideas and Tips “it is what it is”, is not your regular kinda story, however, with patience, it will all make sense at the end of this blog, Keep reading…

Do you know Hawaii has fantastic scenic hikes?

  • The hiking trails are surrounded by nature on a Hawaii hiking trail.
  • A view of the Na Pali Coast from the Kalalau Trail.
  • The bottom half ofMo’oulaWaterfall in Halawa Valley.
  • Kilauea Iki Crater.
  • Manoa Falls.
  • Waimoku Falls.
  • A view from the Koloiki Trail.

Pardon my question-

Have you ever been asked how old you are, and what you have so far achieved?

This is a topic most people generally find very offensive and sensitive also could be annoying depending on how the question was asked, but a necessary evil, should we desire a change or upgrade in our life. We are bound to fail or win in every step we take, and we make mistakes but what defines us isn’t in the failure but in our determination towards our goals. Read on…Take a Peek of our Bucket Lists

Most of us spend a good deal of time operating on auto-pilot.  I am most aware of this in my own life when events knock me out of mechanical mode. But when I am taken out of my routines, I usually find myself enlivened.  Things that I take for granted receive closer examination.  Thoughts that I did not previously take the time to develop seem worth the effort to elaborate on.

Do you Relate to this?

Experts say-old age can be creepy, you feel like you just slipped off the edge of a rock and landed on your head, as soon as you realize you are “old”, things begin to take the wrong turns and awry. Soon your mood swings and grey hair arrives, and it becomes traumatic especially for those whose life hasn’t gone exactly as planned.

Although not that everyone’s life has to go as planned, especially those who didn’t initiate a sound retirement plan or bothered to initiate their plan on time.

As we know life is unpredictable and has a way of taking unanticipated twists and turns that are totally unpredictable. Basically, people tend to miss, regret, approach or welcome old age reluctantly with a feeling of dread, like a bad gut feeling in the stomach. 

Good news is there are still things to achieve and more fun to catch in fact, you can contest for a presidential election if you think you got what it takes, it’s not at all too late to start planning.

The term “Bucket List” sounds pretty lame and morbid, however, it is a globally acceptable name for a to-do or future planning list, even though it represents a negative concept behind it such as (things to do before death). But for all of those negatives concept, a bucket list is actually really beneficial.

Can a list make your life better?

If it involves planning to fill a void internally then I humbly suggest you reconsider as these type of lists can become aimlessly endless, but what’s the use and what are the chances that you will be happy and fulfilled in the end. Don’t end up in a hamster-wheel, find what completes you, something that will not only improve your life but make your life meaningful. Sometimes we need something that also challenges us in a healthy and harmless way, those are what should be in your bucket list

When we were kids especially girls, we usually carry along our buckets to the beach and guess what we do, we scoop in dirt, sand, water, few sea shells we could find into our bucket and off we go with a heavy loaded dirt bucket to shoe our parents in delight!, but now we are all grown up’s and we desire a lot of things which sometimes are downright crazy and dangerous just to satisfy our curiosity and make us feel complete.

Bucket list as kid
Bucket list 

Your bucket list should include the following but not limited to your lifelong goals, travel plans, new career, giving your lives to Christ, renewing your vow, getting married, proposing and engaging that beautiful and loving woman you have been courting since the world war II. As for singles why not add “go on a date and find my missing ribs” to your bucket list?

Start A Fitness Routine
Start A Fitness Routine

Fitness is to Health as Health is to LIFE

Needless to say more, eat and live a healthy lifestyle.

Get Married

Tie The Knots
Tie The Knots-if you haven’t already added this to your list

It’s a pity how we sometimes deny ourselves the most important things life has on free offer for us, we take pride in dramatically slowing our pace in the relationship specter as such we end up complaining bitterly when we begin to get bored or old. Of course, every relationship comes with its own package some end very badly, some end up a happy-ever-after.

The beginning of every relationship is always tough, tedious and needs the patience to mature into something worthwhile. Don’t waste your time dating each other for 20 years, find out where his or her interest, is it a long or short term deal before you commit yourself.

While you are busy holding important meetings for your large cooperate outfit, you are running helter-skelter trying to tie up that deal, well you should put your personal life and happiness into considerations. If you are single and haven’t found any suitable partner you can try the travel-community aka travel-bloggers and find a travel partner!

Find a Travel Partner and Travel Together
Find a Travel Partner and Travel Together

But until then, I thought it would be a pleasant idea to start planning, it must also contain those little activities and adventures you would like to do. And since we’re planning the to-do-list why not clean out your cellar, garage, and room you might find things you never knew you had or have forgotten you had, happens to me most of the time.  Once found sell or give them away to the less privilege!

Be Safe

Regularly Check Your Blood Pressure All the Time
Regularly Check Your Blood Pressure All the Time

Are you kidding me?

What would you lose if you don’t do this? actually, you could lose your precious life! yes; indeed, if you have a certain ailment that might end up becoming life-threatening, as long as you conduct a daily health check you might end up knowing in time to cure or control whatever it is. So get your self one of these and voila!

Learn New Skills

Learn basic carpentry skills-Fix those lose nails and bolts
Learn Basic Carpentry Skills

Find and join an online site or within your local community and learn basic carpentry skills, including the fundamentals of building such as measuring, marking, cutting, nailing, tool, repair work, maintenance work for both interior and exterior and a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. These days, many people can do common household repairs. There are resources on the Internet, as well as do-it-yourself guidebooks, with instructions about how to complete a wide range of projects. In fact forget flash cars, expensive restaurants, and lavish bouquets – the way to impress the women is to fasten on a tool belt and get drilling. According to an article published on Dailymail women are more attracted to men with the DIY ability “Three-quarters of women revealed that the trait they find most sexy in a man is the ability to DIY”

And handyman tools sometimes become useful in different places: for example, when a proper neurological drill was not available, an Australian doctor used a handyman’s drill in 2009 to open a hole in the head of a 13-year-old boy to relieve pressure after a brain injury; the boy’s life was saved.

Start A Health and Beauty Routine

Health & Beauty Care
Health & Beauty Care

Health & Beauty Lifestyle

Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, the more reason why you should’t compromise yours attitude or self worth.

Ahem, you have to bear with me as I will like to stress a little about this particular topic!

The first step to achieving a beautiful skin and great health is when we are conscious of what we take, tolerate and what we allow inside our mental and physical body, thus; the first form of detox will have to begin with physical and mental state of mind by adopting such activities that will detoxify our system within and externally through the  elimination of  issues that compounds our state of mind and health.

You should be focusing on building your self worth and self esteem, which is your only defense against jerks and eventual suicidal thoughts!, oh yes; make no mistake about that, jerks have ruined more lives than world war II and III combined, if they are onto you, your only chance is the ability to believe in your self worth and stay focus it doesnt matter how educated or how well made you are, it doesnt even matter if your are the most experienced and oldest man on earth they will get you and they will fix you real good!

Your best shot is to Know-Your-Self-Worth- (KYSW) as I earlier pointed out, you are bound to meet them every now and then in your life whether you are high in the society or you just hit rock bottom!

You shouldn’t care about people who pretend it’s ok, not to mention those who curate their lives around a perceived sense of perfection, they are not perfect, no one is perfect! “quod erat demonstrandum”!

According to the post I read on the Washington post website “A former Facebook executive is making waves after he spoke out about his “tremendous guilt” over growing the social network, which he feels has eroded

“the core foundations of how people behave by and between each other.”

Chamath Palihapitiya began working for Facebook in 2007 and left in 2011 as its vice president for user growth. When he started, he said, there was not much thought given to the long-term negative consequences of developing such a platform. “I think in the back, deep, deep recesses of our minds, we kind of knew something bad could happen,” said Palihapitiya, 41. “But I think the way we defined it was not like this.” That changed as Facebook’s popularity exploded, he said. To date, the social network has more than 2 billion monthly users around the world and continues to grow.

Hmmm, one comment I liked so much

“I agree with the premise that these social media have eroded our social fabrics. So, I watched the video and found Palihapitiya self-righteous/arrogant attitude not that different from what he espouses against, the Facebook culture.”

I also agree with the premise that these social media have eroded our social fabrics which is why I try not to take seriously what people are posting on Facebook or Instagram some of them are fake news and fake accounts of people living a fake lives, it’s a pity when unsuspecting teenagers or adults fall a victim of their lies. No one should be put under pressure if some group of people does not accept who you are or you’re worth then am afraid it’s their loss!

Feel free to read the rest here.

How to Avoid Depression of any Age

Depression from any ages and other related issues can be avoided if you follow the simplest rule of life.  Do you know that Nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world each year, which is roughly one death every 40 seconds- (WHO) and 25 million Americans suffer from depression each year. Over 50 percent of all people who die by suicide suffer from major depression. If one includes alcoholics who are depressed, this figure rises to over 75 percent. (Download the CDC factsheet) for more details.

This brings us back to loving your self and doing simple activities to get rid of unnecessary ailments and unwanted wrinkles plus improve your state of mind and health in general!

Instead of wallowing in self-pity or listening to people tell you to run your life why not try any of the following



Golf is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging
Golf is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging

Golf is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging, Golf may not be a physically demanding sport, but one round will likely mean you are outside and moving around, walking at a pace of 6-7km, for several hours at a time and constantly using your brain for the many mental challenges you face. There are known health benefits of golf, from scientific and anecdotal sources.

Seven health benefits of golf

  1. Heart health – any form of physical exercise helps get the blood pumping to your heart. Walking, carrying your bag and swinging all increase your heart rate and blood flow. Your risk of a stroke and diabetes are reduced, and there can be positive effects on reducing blood pressure and harmful cholesterol, especially if combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. 
  2. Brain stimulation – regular daily walking routine strengthens the brain’s memory circuits.  A daily mail.UK article –Alzheimer’s, 2010 says: ‘Whether it is going for a jog or walking the golf course, keeping physically active is a great way to keep your heart and your brain healthy. 
  3. Low injury – golf is a low-impact activity in the sense that one walks on a soft, gently rolling surface. More mature players find this attractive as they can burn calories with a low risk of injury, isn’t that great!
  4. Live longer – a Swedish study by the Karolinska Institutet led by Professor Anders Ahlbom, found that golfers have a 40% lower death rate, which corresponds to a 5-year increase in life expectancy (read: Golf Prolongs Life) 
  5. Weight loss – the golden number of steps per day needed for weight loss is 10,000. An 18-hole round easily exceeds this recommended number, especially when you do not use a golf cart.
  6. Reduces stress – the pleasure of walking in fresh air, socializing, with an added mental challenge means golf releases endorphins, the natural mood-enhancing chemicals in your brain, guaranteed to make you happy and relaxed
  7. Improved sleep – exercise and fresh air are a powerful combination for improved sleep. Regular exercise helps you sleep faster and remain in a deep sleep for longer.

Free Tips

Let go of your worries and regrets, move on with your life!

Initiate emotional detox, get rid of bad friends or detach yourself from intimidating and self-righteous, low life condescending people!

2-Good Morning Routine

Morning Tea
Morning Tea

Why is called a good morning?

It is called a good morning because it is a good morning lol kidding,

Good morning is utilized as a welcome and to wish someone special that they have a morning that is great. Good Morning is an expression that is fundamentally utilized as a welcome. It is frequently utilized as a friendly exchange and is seen as well mannered discussion.

Satisfied? OK, moving on, there is good morning routine you should maintain a healthier lifestyle though.

As soon as you open your eyes on the bed every morning take a deep breath and stretch yourself, next (I usually pray and read the bible before touching a thing) but as you wish, once you are up, head straight to wherever you store your water, drink one or two glass full preferably room temperature or warm if the weather is too cold, head to the bathroom and dump the waste, while you are at it brush your teeth- most people don’t brush before going for a jog in the morning.

By all means, you may jog before brushing, the reason I personally don’t come to close too as early morning joggers, is because too often I meet early morning joggers with the have the worse breath ever gosh! woe betide you if you happen to meet those who eat very late and do not necessarily brush every day!

3-Go Hiking

Hiking with Determination
Hiking with Determination

Hiking is another way your body indicate how physically fit or unfit your body is , I remember when I went for a hike with some group of guys and ladies the distance is not more than 5km, within minutes everyone thought they could hear a humpback whale trying to breathe out of water, I told them that was me, I was panting so hard that I had to grab the closest to me and asked to be allowed to rest for a brief minutes but they all refused and insisted I drag myself along, I did, something that baffled me till this day, within a few minutes of walking I gradually found myself getting stronger and stronger and in no time I was the one dragging them on along to complete the walk.

So, before you go for a walk or hike make sure you don’t end up like me although, I still don’t know how I did it I have been doing a few hiking till date every once in a blue or red moon. Although that wasn’t the case, as soon as I gained some weight I couldn’t do most of the things I used to do in the past. Working on it now though as “I am going places and everywhere is on my list!

Browse and Download Hawaii Trails
Browse and Download Hawaii Trails


Try not to overdo it, go on your own pace or join the newbie hiking tour group, a mixture of unfit and fit hikers, if you are out of shape or plain overweight, it would help you keep pace.

Wear hiking boots and take poles or a good sturdy stick. The way up can be steep and very humid with lots of mosquitos during wet seasons. It could be dry in the morning when you started and might have even been for days before you decided to join, as you well know change is constants, don’t fret when it starts to drizzle or rain all through your experience, especially if you started during raining season. When it rains it gets muddy through the forest and could be slippery which could be a challenging hike. You have to climb a bit in spots but nothing too bad because that’s when it gets really interesting.

Expect steep and difficult terrain, hard to get a footing, worse if its a clay soil, when it gets wet, it becomes sticky and could make its way into your shoes. You might also fall a few times on the way down, don’t worry it’s part of the experience, just be a little more careful where you step. The views would definitely worth it and you might do it again a bit better prepared. Don’t forget to take photos!

Are you always putting off hiking?

Repeat after me- say, I’m going hiking!

Once you make up your mind, try and hike in a safe zone, soon, you will gain confidence little by little, you can sign up with the groups at least twice a month, everything from steep, rocky mountains to flat, lazy trails will do just fine

It isn’t going to be an easy, transitioning can take time but with a little patience and a lot of self-love you will learn to trust your body’s ability to cope and know your own limits and threshold- it is a very important skill to have in all of life.

What you will need

Going out of your comfy zone to buy all of the most expensive hiking gear will not guarantee a happier hike. But there are some essentials that are worth investing in, especially as you are just an enthusiast newbie.

There is the must have “10 Essentials” you should have with you at all times. Although most lists are outdated, so I came up with this more modern one I find more comfortable whenever I go for a lazy-hard hike, you can always check out on google if you wish.

  • Safety and outdoor life-saving knife-(very essential)!
  • Hiking Backpack-(you need this)!
  • Navigation (map and compass)-must have!
  • Sun protection (sunglasses and sunscreen)-must have!
  • Insulation (extra clothing)-must have
  • Illumination (headlamp/flashlight)-must have
  • First-aid supplies (especially an antiseptic cream)-You don’t want to move an inch without it!
  • Fire (waterproof matches/lighter/candles)you need it!
  • Repair (kit and tools)-very useful!
  • Nutrition (extra food)-oh, you will die without food!
  • Hydration (extra water)-Are you kidding, you need this one the most!
  • Emergency shelters(space blankets are perfect for this and sound cool)-hmmm, cozy and warm, if you know what I mean
  • A comfortable, supportive pair of extra shoes, hand gloves(I added this one)

That list sounds like a lot, but really, when you’re starting off you only need this to cover it all: your fully charged phone if it has navigation (assuming you’re starting somewhere in cell phone range, which I highly suggest doing) and a flashlight feature, sunscreen, a sun hat never leave those, sunglasses, walking or running shoes, a sweater, sometimes you might want to go for a high quality waterproof jacket guaranteed to keep you dry as an extra in case it rains, a couple bandages, a couple alcohol wipes, a protein bar or some nuts, a water bottle, and a hiking backpack to put it all in. I bet you have all of that within reach if not go shopping!

4-Start Photography


Photography can be engaging time consuming but the result can be priceless and worth more than you can imagine!. I have seen and captured a few myself so can you. Make out time to learn a few tricks if you are considered a”newbie” click here if you have are already familiar with it why not check out NatGeo tips on how to take the best photos.

Photography can be calming and has the ability to improve your mood too, especially when you get that rewarding shot.

5-Start A Mini Garden

Start A mini Garden

Start a mini garden and create a beautiful garden for your self. Just one bit of advice: Start small. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of dead flower pots. Planting a flower garden can be fun and rewarding. When you see those buds start to open up, it can be a great feeling. Remember tending to a garden can sometimes be tedious.

6-Start A Blog

Start a Blog and Share that boring or exciting Tales
Start a Blog and Share that boring or exciting Tales about your experiences or you can teach them a thing or two

Blogging is not a rocket science and does not require a masters degree to blog, however, you much be familiar with the computer and keyboards and have a little knowledge of website building and designing.

Still, Want Some Exciting Motivations? 

Read More Blogs

Truth is each and every single one of us has a story to tell, interests to share, thoughts to communicate with others. We all carry the distinctive stories and each unique in its own way.

Read stories of inspirational bloggers who fought back against adversities, but amid their brave journey, they decided to share their experiences. they may not be famous or celebrity bloggers, they are unique and growing steadily and I am honored to know them. 

Take their inspirational story and re-write your own version to become the hero of your story!

Meet: Aussie wanderlust Travel Blog

Brodie is a travel blogger and has been following his dreams, traveling and working throughout Australia, Europe, and Africa for the past 6 years find out more about his inspiring trips and follow his blog

Aussie Wonderlust TraveBlog
By-Aussiewonderlust It was a super rewarding feeling knowing that I played a small role in helping them set themselves up for a brighter chance at life. Visit Brodie’s Blog

About me: In 2012 I got the chance to play AFL in Darwin Australia some 5000 kilometers away via a 4-day drive and a 12-hour ferry ride. It was from here I realized my love for traveling as well as living and working in new places. Since this life-changing trip in 2012, I have lived and worked in remote Queensland in the mines, in London as a teacher. I try not to sit still for too long and have now visited over 30 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe and look forward to this list growing further in the short and long-term future. Throughout this blog, I hope to allow you to join me on some of these fantastic travel trips and inspire you to possibly do something similar or at the very least entertain you as I make plenty of mistakes, create forever lasting memories and lifelong friendships. I will pass on as many handy hints as I can as well as share my overall experiences of each different city, town, country, and festival I visit. There will be plenty of amazing pictures and videos shared as I bring to you my life on the go.

Meet: Holly Belle of the Library

Molly is a school teacher and a book lover, she has an interest in teaching and enjoys reviewing young-adult book. She has quite a number of good books experience in her purview

Meet Holly Author and Blogger @belleofthelibrary
You are a human being with hopes, dreams, values, and an identity all your own.  They are not entitled to you.  They don’t get a say in what you do with your life.  It’s your life.  Be who you want to be and make the hard decisions. Visit Molly’s Blog

About Me: I’m Holly and I’m a fifth-year middle school English teacher who has not outgrown her love of Young Adult books. I love spreading my love of reading and YA books, which means that teaching is kind of perfect for me. A self-professed word nerd, I love the English language and really bad puns.

Most people are passionate about blogging and would give anything to blog but lack the technical know-how instead they settle for less by just reading blogs. For more details…

7-Get a Dog

Get a Dog
Get a Dog

The call them “mans best friend” I agree with whoever said that. Find and Adopt a dog, you will thank me later!

Dog’s have a very unique way of taking off the stress from their owners and would remain faithfully devoted no matter what. They fill your life with so much love, happiness, loyalty,  and plenty memorable occasions to smile about. Dogs are the best because, unlike people (and most pets), they love you unconditionally.

8-Learn The Craft Skill

Hand Craft

Learn new skills, hhands,and craft, its relaxing, exciting and engaging. Try to visit the museums, or better still try your hands in cooking, learn cooking in a fun thrilling way, I have included some links for you depending on where you are located, thirst and try dishes from a different culture.

9-Join a Cook Class

BEEF LOK LAK- I tried this in Cambodia
BEEF LOK LAK- I tried this in Cambodia

Don’t forget to visit a spa, and get a good massage, you be happy you did.

10-Visit a Spa

Healthy Tips for Spa & Massage
Healthy Tips for Spa & Massage

Still don’t think you have the time?

What you must know, it’s ok to shove little things aside but sadly, tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, if you haven’t started, now is the time to have your bucket list going, make sure to get to work and do as many of the things as you can! review for your favorite bucket list items, rate them and see how they stack up against the others!

Good luck!

Do you like what you read, leave me a comment lets interact!
Have a wonderful holiday!
Cheers, Toodles…




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