Are You Constantly Battling With Indecision? You are not alone

Constantly Battling With Indecision?

The best way to overcome indecision as a blogger is to understand why you wish to change your decision in the first place. Try to acknowledge what the lack of decision will yield as an outcome. Should you have a pressing need to change your previous decision then you have to analyze the situation accordingly. In essence, the importance of your decision is then weighed against the outcome you’re sure to have if you either so something or do nothing. Forget the old fashion way of flipping a coin when it comes to decisions making, never worked for me, because I would not want to run my ship aground. Why are you constantly second guessing even after doing all the right things? It’s normal to constantly struggle through decisions especially when there are so many varieties out there. You must be familiar with my blog by now and how many times you have probably seen a different look on this blog, that’s correct you are not dealing with a virus ha ha ha. I am simply trying new ways to improve the site and speed, I am also trying to get the hang of it. Do I Get Confused When​ I am depressed? In the past when I get depressed it feels like every decision is the wrong decision, every move is the wrong move but not anymore. At some point we tend to make simple or hard decisions one way or the other, to some, it’s actually a symptom of depression, others are just having a bad day, or just trying to do a perfect job. By the way, there’s no such thing as a perfect work situation.
As you may know, indecisiveness is a symptom of depression.  
whatever it is I am simply not having it! I just want to work with a site that I feel most comfortable with, I like a site that is stunning, suitable, wide and comfy when reading an article thus; I feel I should give my audience the same feel. If you have a better idea or any free tips you may wish to share as an expert on this topic or CSS, please get in touch! Most blogs I read either have a smooth site or very difficult site to maneuver, some are even difficult to hit the like button or share their page. I have read lots of articles that are so engaging but I ended up not being able to drop a comment as the blog began to act up at a point I gave up and closed the page. So this isn’t the type of blog I want to run. I know I am running on a free site but hey! I’ve made a post about my reasons for staying free for now, and would gladly share once it’s ready for publishing What’s My November Goal?. Everyone is busy sharing their goal success on the social media others are making new fresh goals at will, but I am more comfortable working at my own pace with what works as long as I get maximum results- so my goal is pretty much- hard work and more research. This November I’ve decided to start it off with a post about mental health, right after this post. What! Mental Health?
Of course, a travel blogger talking about mental health, religion, food, and business? That is a little too much, right?
Hmmm, let me clarify my reasons, well, since I share travel & lifestyle articles and since I am also human with needs and feeling I figured it would be fruitless keeping it all bottled up. I have a voice and this voice has a certain urge to share painful past and new experiences, I have the right platform to do just that. So why not? The newest post about mental health will be coming up after this post. I have always wanted to give my own candid opinion and support but ended up not doing a thing about it. I have finally done something about that, and would gladly share with you shortly after this post – you best subscribe so you don’t miss a post!. If you are reading the post a week from today and you haven’t read the Mental Health Article I recommend you go to the search and search or the mental health post-read and drop your own opinion it could help someone out there-seriously who know who it will help! Finally, I am grateful for another milestone achieved for October and wish to thank you for your commitment also a special shout-out to my subscribers, you are the best!! And oh I am going to try out the Twenty Seventeen Theme hope it works just fine. I look forward to sharing more awesome posts and useful educational piece. Why a short post this time? ha ha ha I am not predictable right, yes, fortunately, I am not, but in a good way I am preparing you for a 3 days read!!! ha ha ha (kidding) Do have a swell and most blessed weekend- Thank God and bless you all. Warm Kisses Iva.Sylva My9incTravelBlog Are You An Indecisive Blogger Don’t Get Stuck With Making Decisions Figure it out real quick!

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Traveling improved me as a person, inspired me to create a travelogue and educated me enough to share with others. I hope my blog inspired you to live free, without sin and be happy. Xo

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