You Have Just Been Nominated!!

Why Blogger Award  And Nomination Is Created And Passed Around By Fellow Bloggers:

I’ve had to deal with the same problems when I joined the blogging world. At first, I didn’t know what all the nominating and awards ruckus was all about. I thought I will have to be voted for or perhaps undergo series of challenging write-ups😱. But it turned out to be a very easy task all you have to do is to follow the instructions publish and that it congrats you are now awarded!

 Did You Lock Yourself Out, Not To Worry Just Google-it!

Google will tell you where you last misplaced your keys- 🤣😂kidding!!

Ok, on a more serious note, I tried to Google about bloggers nomination and awards, but Google came back with confusing results. Yes; aside companies awarding bloggers I didn’t see what I was searching for. ‘I changed my search terms until I found a site which fully explained it all and I felt I will have to add my own quota since its obvious lots of new bloggers are oblivious of the whole “blogger award” thing!. some even shy away from it because they don’t know how to go about it.

What Is The “Blogger Award” Going Round The Social Media All About?

Blogger awards are the creative way the blogosphere collectively appreciates bloggers efforts who are creating useful and inspiring articles of course which is positively influencing their readers. It is also a medium by which fellow bloggers support new blogger and seasoned bloggers get the exposure they deserved.

Who nominates who?

You get nominated by fellow bloggers nominating your blog with link inclusive, such as |Sunshine Award| |Versatile Blogger Award| Creative Blogger Award | which are created, maintained, and passed around by fellow bloggers like you and me as a way of recognizing a fellow blogger’s hard work. Meanwhile, the blogosphere community shares them by nomination other blogs I term it “The Bloggers Recycled-Awards”.

Who does the voting and who is the judge? Hmm, apart from RotoGrinder and bloggers award programs. No judge and no voting is required.

Is The Nomination and Award Any Different?

No; the awards and nomination are the same. Nominating another blogger is another way of saying “Congratulation your blog is good I hereby present this award to you as my favorite blogger”.

Does It Hurt My Google Ranking

If your blog is specifically focused then it might confuse Google, remember google looks at the link quality and incoming links to your site, Google then determine it’s relevance. That being said, if you are running a “travel blog”  and a group of food bloggers nominates your blog, you can politely express your gratitude and ignore the awards since you are bound to link back to their site and theirs to yours. Otherwise, awards is another way of telling other bloggers that you exist and your blog deserve a read.

My opinion?  accept the ones you can and the ones you cant’ simply send a thank-you note and decline politely.


What Is The Advantages Of The Bloggers Awards.

Your blog gets the exposure it deserves plus you might get one or two quality link back to your site.

Are Their Rules, And Must I Follow The Rules To The Latter?

Of course, it is important to follow the rules as this will encourage bloggers to visit your site and perhaps learn a bit more about you and why you blog in the first place. Most awards ask you to do one of three things or more.

It is quiete simple! just follow the rules required of you. Also, most people get to express themselves better via awards, especially those questions asking you about your personal life, pet, and life goals.

Are There Any Financial Gain ?

I will say “Yes and No”.

  • Yes, because your site might get more visibility on search engines and on social networks through your nominators also especially if you get good quality backlinks with sites that have a high DA score. 
  • Yes, you will earn more trust from fellow bloggers and perhaps that might equate to more site hits, you know what that means don’t’ you?
  • No, You are not going to get any financial gifts or support from other bloggers or your nominators.
  • No, it doesn’t necessarily mean you might get hits that might turn out to be a paying customer.

Can I Start /Give / Hand Out My Own Award?

Most certainly! but be warned there’s no guarantee that your award will start making the rounds taken seriously amongst bloggers, but you can certainly create an award or badge of your own to highlight bloggers you will love to appreciate their effort, plus this is your way paying it forward. Even if doesn’t get appreciated, the bottom line is you have done the right thing by appreciating your fellow blogger’s efforts.

Here We Go!

5 Star Blogger Recognition Award

My9incTravel Blog Have Decided To present Awards To Fellow Bloggers Who have Done Exceptionally Well for Themselves.


What Are The Requirements?

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you
  • In a few words tell readers about your self, hobbies and why you blog.
  • Give 3  random facts about you
  • Follow all rules and respond to all set of questions.
  • 2 tips or advice to other bloggers
  • Pass the award/nominate 6-12 other bloggers you nominate with a link to their blog page and let them know you nominated them.
  • Display an award badge on your blog.

1-In A Few Words Tell Readers About Your Self, Hobbies And Why You Blog.

Here We Go!

About me, I am a travel & lifestyle blogger, even though that wasn’t the case when I started. I was more concentrated on just travel when I realized that I had other things I will like to share and thus; a travel & lifestyle blog was born. Apart from being a single mum and a born-again Christian. Nowadays I am contemplating traveling. Not sure when, but will decide soon and let you know my next trip.

My hobbies are cooking, blogging, travel, reading or just watch documentariesAwards link etc. Aside from just blogging, I will like to try my hands in genuine business depending which piqued my interest, the profit margin, and risk mitigants in place. Ok, I love to look good dress simple too. I love pet preferably Dog. I also like hanging out with friends I can trust. I hope this is brief enough.

2- Give 3  Random Facts About You

  1. I love meeting new people and making friends
  2. I am a shy person- but that’s when I get uncomfortable
  3. As much as I like traveling I am also comfortable staying indoors alone.

3-  2 Tips Or Advice To Other Bloggers

1-Before you start a blog make sure to know what niche your blog is focused on and be sure to have enough information, ideas or experience of the “niche” of your choice, e.g. “Foodie”, “DIY/Crafts”, “Flower& Garden” and Travel Blog”.

2-Always keep it real, do not copy, imitate or get discouraged when the stats are very low. With patience, it will always grow. Keep posting, write, write and write some more. Visit other bloggers and drop a useful comment and like the post.

4- Pass The Award/Nominate 12 Other Bloggers With Blog Page Links.

My9incTravelBlog Hereby Nominate  The Following Bloggers:

  1. Life Travel Soul 
  2. Deb’s Decorative Life
  3. An Unusual Path
  4. All Things Alexx
  5. Searching For Grady
  6. Serah Jean Travels
  7. Twenties And Then
  8. Inside Cup
  9. Get Your Own Style
  10. A Voice From Iran  
  11. Forever Lost In Travel
  12. Kayla Chambers

Thank You

First of all, I will like to thank my avid readers and fellow bloggers who have supported me on this exceptional journey, I hope to continue giving you my very best. I look forward to reading your comment as they warm my hearts and keep the fire from going cold. Thank you once again for all your support and kind gestures.

Thank you for accepting this little token of appreciation from My9incTravelBlog wishing you all the best!

Please pass it on. 

Cheers and have a pleasant week!



“Blogger Awards Is A Creative Way the blogosphere Collectively Appreciates Bloggers Efforts.

Supporting and appreciating bloggers effort helps them to know they are being noticed and thus; prevent them from abandoning their blogging dreams.

Published by my9inctravelblog

Traveling improved me as a person, inspired me to create a travelogue and educated me enough to share with others. I hope my blog inspired you to live free, without sin and be happy. Xo

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